Directory Plus is now introducing Directory Plus on the Go. 

Directory Plus is advancing it's technology to include the use of mobile devices. Directory Plus on the Go features a smaller screen custom fit to the mobile device that you are using.  This means that the site will have a faster loading time as well as a more concise screen, which will fit better on your phone or tablet. Because no one wants to try and navigate a large website on such a small screen, Directory Plus on the Go is much more user friendly with a different, smaller, look.

This technology is only going to improve businesses and how we find them.  One-third of Americans (32%) have used a cell phone or smartphone to access the internet for emailing, instant-messaging, or information-seeking. This level of mobile internet is up by one-third since December 2007, when 24% of Americans had ever used the internet on a mobile device. http://www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2009/12-Wireless-Internet-Use.aspx

Directory Plus on the Go is available anywhere that you have service. No longer will you be at the mercy of a computer cord.  Now you can access the information that you need right from your phone. 

Directory Plus on the Go also has a GPS location feature.  This allows Directory Plus to find your location and bring you options that are specific to your location in that moment.  This helps to provide the user with a more relevant search.

Directory Plus will provide you with organic search results, which are the search results that will show based on the search keywords used.  Directory Plus on the Go allows you to filter by featured, name, or location.

This new and improved part of www.directoryplus.com has all of the features that make Directory Plus so useful and loved, including the ability to see coupons and deals from local businesses. On the Go also allows the user to place a call to that business with one click on the phone number and be connected without having to dial the number.

The most commonly used master headings are linked to the organic search results and sorted by location initially.  This allows the user to look at the restaurants or coffee shops that are closest to them and search for what they need faster.  This will eliminate having to put the entire entry into the search box.  Instead, they can start their search immediately based on the most commonly used master headings.

When you click more headings, you can move between the fifteen most commonly used headings. If you need it, you can find it on mobie.directoryplus.com

Directory plus wants to be your headquarters for your search of businesses.  We have made finding what you want easier and more convenient.